Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hubby's asleep. I'm in my comfy chair with thoughts & words rambling thru my mind trying to get from there to here...this page.

My thought/words won't stop twirling, rolling. They rush together to form complete sentences only to be ambushed. I can't get these thoughts/ words to emerge like I want them to flow. 

With a heartache for ones I know, who's hearts are breaking, I consider & pause to lift each one up with prayer for comfort and strength. I have heartfelt words that JUST WILL NOT COME. God has known my heart these last two months.

To the mother/father who diligently cared for their
     daughter and her cancer these last years, 
To the grandmother/grandfather as their granddaughter
To the wife who showed me her strength in handling
     her husband's cancer these last months,
To the friend who shockingly learned of her sister's 
     untimely death at the hands of her husband,
To the wife who struggles with cancer & has 
     twin alone from husband's vehicular death 
To the mother/father of the son whom God called 
     from them, the wife & twin girls.

I am saddened by separation but grateful for the HOPE that is in Christ Jesus. HOPE that one day each will see their loved one again. What joy!!!

I can still see my daddy in my mind, hear his voice when I ride over the road edges & feel his presence when God blesses me with a gentle breeze.

Soon, very soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I was recently on my own for 4 days. Hubby & some friends took a mini vacation to Sawgrass to watch The 2015 Players Tournament.

There was NO cooking meals, tv controller contests, toilet lids up or someone in the house with me. I had quick fix foods, all the tv time I wanted & bedtimes of my choice...not to mention the whole bed to myself. For a few days.....yes!

Now I've had a patio project on the burner for some time now, and this time frame was just calling my name. So the day hubby left I headed to Lowe's to purchase what I would need, and that evening I planned my 2nd day alone as the "Start-up" day.

Project:  Patio Redo
To paint:  glider frame, 3 chairs, 3 small tables, shelf 
               stand, 2 metal decor plaques, 1 wood/metal 
               decor plaque
To stain/protect:  glider wood slats
To wash/soak:  3 chair cushions
To finish patio look:  border ideas

For 3 days I worked from dawn to dusk and loved every minute of my work. It was a little frustrating at times but I love the end results.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I was a warrior in my past life! 

My memories revealed a strength and fighting spirit that few could match. I was strong, determined, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice for what I believed in. 

My past life was very difficult and full of struggle, but I was incredibly courageous and achieved a great deal. There was a fire within me that took me far in life. 

I may have had some rough patches in this life, but I, with my warrior self, am here. 

* * * * * * * * *

Curious about this little test on the web 
so I answered a few questions.