Sunday, June 21, 2015

Grateful God blessed me with a fun, loving dad.
can't wait to join you in Heaven

Friday, June 19, 2015

Payton & Kinley

Thursday, Glenn & I had 2 overnight guests. 
Our great niece & nephew spent the night with us.

Our evening began at one of our favorite restaurants...Rodeos.
The kids love this place too.

Seeing my bike in the garage, they started in on wanting to go riding in the neighborhood. So I stole over to my neighbor's garage & got her bike so that both of the kids could ride together. I even rode a little with them. Kinley sat on the back wheel rim of my bike as I steered down the street with Payton by my side.

They were loving it.

They wanted to ride a bit more so I took them on my "walking route" with the bikes. As we crossed the main road & approached the next street, Kinley asked to steer the bike herself. I began walking as they rode.

They were having so much fun.

As the sun began to set, we headed back towards my neighborhood so they could ride a little more just on my street.

Night quickly comes & they are now in the house where they are ready to watch a movie or play a game. We settled on Phase Ten & played until midnight.  (Glenn had gone to bed as he had to work the next day.)

Last day for the children & youth of our church. 
Payton & Kinley are both in the youth department 
helping with VBS. I had them up &
 ready to go to the church by 7:40 this morning.

After VBS & Kinley's musical practice we headed back to my house where we finished our Phase Ten game from the night before. Then we began another round of Phase Ten as I began our supper.

Supper for the evening was going to be hot dogs w/chili & homemade hash potatoes...potatoes my dad loved to cook for his kids.

With our supper finished the kids wanted to finish our Phase Ten game. Then it was back to the roads with the bikes. They rode bikes for almost 50 minutes.

Having these two with us 
for the past twenty-four hours 
has been a fun adventure.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My walking buddy was not in town today so I opted for the bicycle this morning to get my exercise. It has been a while since we've biked. I biked the walking trail that we walk every morning, and it is quite different riding than walking. Thankfully the ride breeze kept me from being so hot.

Hubby plans to edge & cut the yard 
when he gets off work. 

The back yard had a lot of shade spots & some breezes blowing this morning after my bike ride so I decided to cut the back yard for hubby to help him out. Also got the flower beds & garden weeded and those violet looking plants pulled that were crowding out my iron plants. I cut my loropetalum trees way back so they could branch out new. Whew!!! These days are registering in the high 90's, and it's HOT!!!!!

my tomato & bell pepper garden

I spent the whole day working in the yard with several breaks during the day. In the afternoon I spent an hour on the living area floor under the fan watching TV.

Last of my work for the day was checking the flower beds in the front yard as well as getting started on cutting the grass for hubs. My flower beds look great and pretty much weedless because I spend time every three years removing mulch & laying down newspaper as a weed guard. AND IT WORKS Y'ALL!!!

Hubby was happy to know 
that the back & side yards had been cut.

Now who wants to go on a journey.................

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer has not officially begun but oh it ever hot these days!

My walking buddy & I were discussing the other morning about how hot it was even at 7 o'clock. We even discussed that we may have to push back our "get up" time to endure the heat.

Most days, after walking, I usually perk myself back up with breakfast & h20. Then it's off to the yard & a little bit more of the heat. I have a list of projects for this summer and am slowing crossing them off. yay!

Today, however, I just couldn't make myself go to the yard.

So.....staying inside didn't prove to be unproductive because there's a list of inside projects waiting for completion. The fun just never stops!