Friday, September 12, 2014

Dothan City Schools are launching their IPAD Initiative during this month. All students, fourth thru twelfth grades will receive an IPAD.

Today I was able to help with the loading of apps to the IPADs at Montana Magnet. Lots of work but rewarding. Their roll out is Monday. The children are excited and ready for this new experience.

On the day of the roll out (9.15.14) we finished and had everything ready for the parents/students around 2:30 PM. Roll out begins at 5:30.

Monday, September 8, 2014

We're saying goodbye to summer. This year has been a year of "supermoons". The last of the supermoons is tonight.

Tonight's full moon also has an extra claim to fame. It is known as a "Harvest Moon". The tradition is that the moon's brightness helped light the way for farmers bringing in their crops late into the evening.
Slowly and surely
          I rise.
  Another day to behold;
              no pains or cries.
       Draped for movement
 on the tread and floor.
                      to add to the chart
                 one more score.

Monday, September 1, 2014


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.
I accepted the "WhippingChildhoodCancer"
challenge to honor the 46 children
and the 7 who lose their battle
every day from Sandra McLendon and
on behalf of my HERO MORGAN HASTY.

With a pie to the face and
a $7 donation to a childhood cancer charity, 
it was an honor for me 
to challenge 7 of my friends.

By not accepting the challenge within 46 hours, 
I was asked to donate $46 and 
still tag 7 friends to the challenge.

I accepted and donated to Morgan's fundraising page
at children's hospital and tagged to this challenge these friends...Gina Riley, Cathy Lokay, Melissa Kenyon, 
Wendy Anderson, Kay Hamner, 
Tammy Morrell & Harold Hudgins.

Morgan & her mom Mitzi

Morgan & her grandmother Sandra
(my choir alto buddy)

Mel "Whipping" Childhood Cancer