Thursday, July 30, 2015


Monday, July 27, 2015

Interesting Golf Points

Over the last number of years I have "played on words" with my hubs about his favorite activity, golf. I like to rag him when he purchases golf balls and even when he considers a new club. Heavens to Betsy if he considers a new set of golf clubs. That's "fresh meat" for me!!!             POINT #1:  Clubs are made with good material so why must you need to purchase a new set ever so often. They don't wear out, do they?

So let's move on to another issue with golf clubs. Saturday evening hubby decided that it would be a good idea to clean his golf clubs because it had been a while since he had done this task. POINT #2:  Ok're going to go back outside soon & hit the dirt/ball again with said clubs so why clean to a shine.

He had all of them out in front of him on the floor.  Yes...there are eleven clubs. POINT #3: How many clubs do you need to hit 1 ball? Aren't they the same?

Well, if you look closely there is a difference...there are 9 clubs the same and 1 is different.

Just in's a close-up of a few of them. Some have red markings & one has none.

Now if you believe that's the only difference in the clubs, you'll be even more surprised to find out that there is another difference. The clubs are marked individually with a number or other mark. See for yourself.....

AND...another surprise...some are "bent" more on the end than others. Club info overload. 

Now let's turn our focus to the little white or yellow or orange ball. I wonder if there are more colored balls out there. Oh my gosh.....LOOK!!! All different colors.

For a good day of golf you make sure you have plenty of golf balls. What????? POINT #4: How many does a golfer need on play day?

ANSWER:  A lot.

REASON #1: They get lost.

REASON #2:  They get wet.

and REASON #3: You just leave it alone.

I think I'll just let hubby have his fun playing golf, and I'll just keep acting a bit confused. POINT #5: I have Saturday mornings all to myself.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"my farm to the table"

Fresh veggies are wonderful! They are even best when you walk out your back door, around to your garden plot & "pluck" your harvest. 

My garden this year is just green peppers & tomatoes. The plants have been plentiful this year, and I haven't had to do much in protecting them from bugs, disease, etc. In fact, I think I have only watered them this year.

Tonight is peppers, onions, tomatoes, rice & pork chops along with some peas & cornbread. Only 15 more minutes until supper time. 

Mmmmmmmmm...good y'all!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What a fun, fun day!

Gayle & I went on an adventure today to MGM & had the best time. We began @ Stein Mart and hit the "jackpot". We both left "penniless" but happy.

I can't remember the last time that I went shopping & had such great success. The pieces purchased had a little retro look & I loved them all. I liked the way they fit me & looked on me. Yay!

Gayle found some shoes but we were going to DSW so she decided to wait before purchasing these knowing we could come back to the store to get these she found.

As we were checking out it came to our attention that we had skipped lunch being that it was 1:25. We laughed about this and talked about how neither of us had felt any hunger pains. WOW...that's a first for us!!!

Immediately we were hungry so we searched for a place to eat before getting back on the "shopping trail".

Our afternoon trail of shopping took us to World Market, Dress Barn, Ross, Pier 1 Imports and DSW. 

Just thought that these shoes @ DSW would definitely ADD that "SPARK" to my wardrobe.

Can't remember which store I saw this in
 but it got me to thinking.....

Advertising is strange.