Sunday, November 16, 2014

I've just returned from celebrating my Sixtieth Birthday at Panama City Beach with my hubby . The weather was a bit chilly but the days were absolutely beautiful.

Our stay was at a Majestic condo...somewhere we've never stayed before. My inquiry to the VRBOwner was for her other condo but after hearing it was unavailable, she offered this condo to me. I accepted without ever seeing photos...something I have never done.

We were on the 21st floor, and the view was perfect. Her condo was so warm & inviting. We immediately felt at home. I was very pleased.

After we unpacked we braved the fierce, cold winds again to go grab a bite to eat at Red Robin. I really like their burgers, and I left totally stuffed. A quick trip to Publix for a few grocery items, and we're headed back to the condo

Friday was the beginning of my upcoming sixtieth year. Happy Birthday to me!!! Hubby & I ate an early breakfast before heading out to the movie theater. 

As we were trying to decide what to purchase to snack on during the movie, I saw a "Combo" that was being offered. Sure wish my camera had been with me. It was a combo display for "Seniors-60 & Above" --- hahahaha!!! My first act of being a "Real Senior". We each got a drink, popcorn & a bag of Gummi-Bears for $4...pretty good deal. The best part was that they have a napkin, straw & butter bar for customers. Loved that I could get all the butter I wanted for my popcorn. Yum!
(Beach Ball in front of movie theater -
We'll be back for the Beach Ball Drop New Years Eve.)

After the movie we drove Front Beach Road just to view the areas along the road. As we made our way back down Middle Beach Road, we stopped for an early dinner at Carrabba' of my favorite restaurants.

Returning back to the condo I had a little "conversation session" in mind for us. Hubby was the one on the spot. It was a lot of fun listening to him. He even asked, "Where did you get these questions?". I made him think on the spot for me. Loved it!!!

The evening sun gave us a glorious sight as it was retiring for the night. What an awesome birthday gift from God!

Another beautiful day ahead of us. From our balcony we enjoyed viewing the many fevers of stingrays in the Gulf. We couldn't believe how many we saw. Here are a few of the pics.

After a little bit of lunch, we took to the beach for a little stroll. The weather was a bit warmer, and the winds offered a gentle breeze now & then. A perfect day on the beach...

...and another pic on the balcony
before I got cleaned up & 
ready to watch some ball games with hubby.

For our last night of my birthday weekend celebration I choose another of my favorite restaurants...Pineapple Willy' their ribs!

Just as we were leaving we noticed the sun setting over the Gulf. It's just all so amazing.

We're home now as I finish up this post. These last few days have been just what I needed & wanted. Feeling good, loving my life and waiting to see what the first year of my New Decade brings to me.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wheels of Aging

The wheels of life continue to roll, and today I awake to sixty. 

This age...this number...was always a distant milestone to me, yet here it is staring at me. I often wondered whether I would live to this age or how I would embrace the age.

Well, it is just a number attached to a body denoting years of existence. 

I would be lying if I said that these years have not made my appearance different. I would be lying if I said that I had no wrinkles. I would be lying if I said I woke up every day with a spring in my step. I would be lying if I said I didn't care about such. This vessel as it is today & these wrinkles define my existence.

And what an existence it has been.

Life is good. 


Just for fun let's look at the numbers...
60 years, 
720 months, 
3130 weeks/5 days, 
21, 915 days, 
525,960 hours, 
31, 557,600 minutes or 
1,893,456,000 seconds. 
That's a lot when you look at it this way!

Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tuesday was a celebration day. My dear SIL planned a whole day of adventure celebrating the "Decades" of my life.

Two of my favorite childhood toys were a sock monkey (Monk-Monk) and A Mrs. Beasley doll.
My first Decade Love Gift was a "laughing Monk-Monk" which represented my childhood years. He is just adorable.

We began our day by traveling & searching for Peanut Art Sculptures around the Wiregrass area. Some time ago we had discussed how interesting it would be to locate the sculptures and take pictures of them. Some of the sculptures were being repaired or were stored away. We did see a good many today but not all that were in the area.

My next Decade Love Gift was a frog ornament that represented my teenage years. There is a store at PCB, Peace Frogs, that I love to visit. Their music takes me back to those years. Loved my wild & crazy teen years. I better stop before I spill beans. (heehee)

The next Decade Love Gift represented my life changing as I married into the Franklin Family. Moving to a new city was scary but my hubby was with me. What also made my move smooth was his sister who welcomed me totally with open arms. We are sisters-in-love. Look at my new family name initial pendant.

By this time we had found & photographed many of the peanut sculptures. We were on our way to view the peanut at Basketcase  & decided we would grab a bite to eat there as well. As we walked through the main road entrance into the restaurant, there they girlfriends...sitting at a table saying "Happy Birthday" to me.

My SIL invited the girlfriends to meet us for a lunch celebration that represented the next Decade Love Gift. This decade was girlfriends & our relationships as good friends. 

These girlfriends are so special to me. Each one offers unconditional love, support, encouragement, laughter, prayers.................and so on. I am so blessed to have their friendship.

The table was decorated with balloons tied to three small pumpkins. I lunched on chicken salad & fruit with a cranberry  muffin. My SIL also had one of my favorite cakes...Raspberry Elegance. Yum!

As we all said our goodbyes, my SIL & I began searching for more peanut sculptures.

With the next Decade Love Gift our battle as arch enemies was revealed. She is an Alabama Fan & I am an Auburn Fan. Love my Ginger Snap ring. (It looks red but is really orange.)

We had a few more stops to make to take peanut pictures before my next decade gift. 

To start this new decade I will soon begin, my Decade Love Gift was an afternoon movie representing future movie dates with grandchildren. My movie choice was "Best of Me". Nicholas Sparks had written the book. It was such a good movie...tears & all. His books are great!

This day was a lot of fun...a memory making day.

Now if you were keeping up with the Decade Love Gifts you might realize how old I will be Friday. I am so thankful for this wonderful life that I have...trials & joys included.

Hubby & I will be leaving this evening for a few days at the beach.

Looking forward to my next Decade.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So proud of my dad.