Saturday, April 12, 2014

Excited for my niece today! She is sharing at our Ladies Tea hosted by the Women's Ministry at my church.

Two girlfriends went with me to the tea. My neighbor who walks with me and shares tales during our yard work, and my school co-worker from years gone by. Both of these ladies are special to me.

Our pastor's wife (Judith) and Women's Ministry Director (Becky) with Allison who was guest speaker for the Ladies Tea.

Tables were beautifully decorated.

A variety of delicious looking food.

As ladies arrived, they signed in, chose a table to sit at, and began to have a wonderful time chatting away with other ladies. With the blessing of the food we made our way to the tables of food. Our church youth and pastor were waiters for the day.

Ally shares.

She ended her time of sharing 
with a drama presentation 
to the song "Redeemed". 

Praying God's blessings on Ally as she & Johnny begin a new journey as NAMB missionaries in Atlanta, Georgia.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Some Bunny

What fun I had making these cute,cute bunny gifts!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Only Reason

Here I am at 12:25 A.M. April 9th and not sleepy at all. I am just tooling around on the internet playing games, working puzzles, reading blogs,etc. Which brings me to think again of why I started this blog and even continue to blog.

I'm not a writer. I carefully choose what I do write. I don't make a whole lot of sense (only to my warped mind do I understand what I say). In moments when I do write (like now) it takes forever, it seems, to get exactly what I want to say typed. But that's's just me.

I use to wonder if anyone ever read my I don't. I just pray that one day these ramblings will find their way into the lives of my generations to come.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


We really have a great time. Our mix of personalities go so well together. We are nine in number.

At a recent GNO Glo asked if we'd be interested in watching the movie "Les Miserables". She & I had gone to the movies to view it some time ago when it was showing at the theater. We loved it! The girls were interested so Glo planned a night at her home. 

We enjoy being with one another and having lots of fun. From overnight trips to just sitting around & talking we are always up for a challenge. 

It would be wonderful if each time we got together everyone was able to come. So in our planning, we know that dates scheduled for events may conflict with someone's schedule. It's O.K. because we all understand the importance of one another's lives. We support each other. We pray for each other.

So on this night seated around Glo's kitchen table with lasagna, apple salad, tossed salad w/fixins, texas toast,and cookies for dessert, we nourish our bodies. We are chatting away, conversing together and then perhaps venturing to our neighbor with a small conversation only to engage back into the main stream. We smile. We laugh. We enjoy.

With our bellies full and the kitchen back in order, we found our little "nest" in the den and settled down for an evening of movie watching...Les Miserables.

INTERMISSION TIME.......What's a movie without popcorn! YAY Trish!!! She brought a popper & all the ingredients. We watched her with her popper as she made popcorn for all of us. It was such a treat and so yummy!

Back to finish the movie. Even for a second watching for me, I say...Wow! I just loved this musical movie. Our movie night was a hit! I foresee other movie nights in our plans.

Hey...did I tell you that I love my girlfriend times together?