Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Son!

You are 33 years old today or
396 months or
1721 weeks 6 days or
12,053 days or
289,272 hours or
17, 356,320 minutes or
1.041,379,200 seconds.

Love You

Monday, December 8, 2014

paths, forts, & fun..... memories

This Fall it seemed as if our trees in the backyard had doubled their producing of leaves. I've never seen so many leaves on the ground. This past Saturday hubby & son worked to get all of the leaves off of the roof. 

So as I began my day with a rack in my hand and in the backyard among all the leaves that had fallen, memories flooded my mind of the many times that Frank & I with Jennifer, Laura, Mark played in the pecan leaves on Patterson.

...couldn't resist a little playing in the leaves...

slowly but surely

hauling & hauling 20 bags 

finished & tired.

Sure would have loved to have had Frank & Jennifer here 
for perhaps a little leaf fight.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bonded In Love Cheer

On December 4th twenty Bonded in Love Sunday School ladies met to fellowship, eat & have a little "Santa Swap" Christmas fun. Sue Lee & Peggy Johnson heads up our social activities. Our tables for this year were decorated by Charlotte McKnight who did a wonderful job. I provided games for us. We had such a great time.

As the ladies arrived greeters gathered their food dishes & swap gifts so they could participate in 2 fun little ice breaker games..."Guess How Many?" and "Find Your Elf Name". I was "Jolly Garland". Vera Peacock won the guessing game with the number "45". The correct answer was "44".

As always there was so much delicious food. With ham as the meat we all brought foods to compliment. From broccoli casserole, cranberry salad, macaroni salad, peas..........of I can't remember all the foods but I can remember how "stuffed" I was. Yummy!!! And then I remembered there were desserts...cheesecakes, peppermint chocolate cookies, pecan pie, much! Again, yummy!

.....having lots of fun! 

As some of us were finishing our desserts, we began our first game. I let all of them know how much I love to play games and how strict I really was. (I think I was too strict with our first time I'll give another minute or two...hahaha!) They were unscrambling Christmas words. Dee & Lynda had the same number of correct guesses. Choosing a number between 1 & 10...........Dee won the gift basket of goodies. Our next game was a Q & A with Gloria M. as the winner. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Now for the "Santa Swap". I chose a different kind of swap for this year (compliments of Dee from some years ago @ a party I attended in her home.) The game details were quite specific... "swap with # 2", "swap with #2 then #5", and so on and on. It was very different from the previous years of swapping but all in all, we had fun.

The rest of our evening was spent talking and just having a whole lot of fun! 

Our class has a special bond with one another. Our Sunday mornings are wonderful as we meet, share our lives and study God's Word together. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


.....small town, Bville, Patterson, Country, my hometown..... still a long drive.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving we arrived safely. This year was a little different as Garrett & Hannah had already been visiting with mom. They arrived on Friday the 21st.

We settled in & spent some time catching up with what they had been doing these past few days. Garrett & Hannah were leaving the next morning as she was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday.

My family helped me & Garrett with a "SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY" for Hannah on the night Glenn & I arrived. Her birthday was Sunday the 23rd.

Susan prepared all the pick-up foods, Frank purchased the drinks & paper products and Tammy purchased a homemade chocolate cake. Their spouses were a big help too. Hannah had no clue so the party was a success.

The pick-up foods were some of her favorites.

After eating, some of us gathered around to play Guesstures. It was a lot of fun, and yes we were a little bit silly.

Garrett & Hannah left Wednesday morning for Alabama. Susan & I did a little bit of last minute grocery shopping, and Glenn spent time watching movies on tv. Later that afternoon Susan needed to go over to Cheraw so I rode with her. That night I made my cranberry salad & apple salad for the next day.

Thanksgiving Day.....cooked my butterbeans, green beans, and baked my pineapple-cheese dish. I am ready.

Everyone began arriving with all of their Thanksgiving dishes. The table & counters were full of delicious looking foods. There were 21 in attendance. Our afternoon was filled with outside walks by some, conversations, and tv watching. Several had to leave for other festivities with other loved ones.

The Reeds, FATS & Franklins gathered Friday night @ mom's house. Frank cooked burgers & hot dogs on the grill. Some spade card playing by some, tv watching by others and Susan & I went to visit my Aunt Mildred who had just moved into a new home.

One of mom's friends fell over the holidays from a step-ladder and was in the hospital so she & I visited her on Saturday morning. We left Laurinburg after our visit & a quick trip to Walmart. We had a bite to eat at home before we got back in the car & headed over to Rockingham to my favorite store...Ollie's.

My birthday balloons traveled to SC too to help celebrate Hannah's BD. They flew away Saturday afternoon with a little help.

That night the Reeds & Morrells came over to watch the Auburn-Alabama game with us. We had a great time together eating, talking & watching the game. It was a late night.

Our early morning get-away was smooth, and the weather began warming up as we made our way back to Alabama. Lots of memories made each time we visit South Carolina.