Friday, October 17, 2014

caps, caps, caps of red, green, grey
keying in points for a purchase some day

Thursday, October 16, 2014

There's nothing like...

                              ...a walk on a cool, crisp Fall morning. 

Margaret's Moon Vine had not closed for the day.

An American flag waving with the breezes
to an inviting path in the woods.

Neighbors and their fall plants
awaking with the rising of the sun. 

There's just so much beauty
if you will only take the time
to look around you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary...

                          our son & his wife.

Between their work schedules & her school schedule they were able to squeeze in a little weekend get-away to celebrate their first anniversary. 

Wishing you both
many, many years of
love, joy & laughter


WEDNESDAY:  Glenn was packing & getting ready for his annual golf trip, and my sister arrived to spend time with me while he is away. He left Thursday morning. We had 4 days to do whatever we wanted to do. The house, tv, everything was ours. It was wonderful.

Garrett & Hannah visited.

THURSDAY:  With my sister in town I invited some of my girlfriends over for a little get together. I wanted my sister to share in the fun that I always have when I'm around the girls.

Susan & I planned the food around a Mexican theme. We used fall colors in decorating. 

Our snacks were fiesta corn dip, rotel cups, hot cheese squares, jalapeno cream cheese dip and tortilla chips & wheat thins. We also made one of Meemaw's desserts.

Tummies full we made our way to the kitchen table to begin a fun, fun game of Phase Ten. Gayle, my neighbor, had joined us for the night. She & my sister were not familiar with the game so we all pitched in to help them play the game.

Lots of fun this night.....

.....and a new Phase Ten Winner! Congratulations Susan!

FRIDAY:  A full day of shopping, eating @ Panera Bread and a movie.

SATURDAY:  Another day of morning & early afternoon shopping, lunch @ Blue Plate and then an afternoon of Food Network shows followed by a movie at the house.

SUNDAY:  Bible Study & Worship @ MBC, lunch @ Rodeo and an afternoon of laziness. Glenn arrived back in town, tired and with a little bit of a cough. Garrett & Hannah came over again to see Susan before she was to leave.

MONDAY:  My sister's visit was such a treat for me. I had a wonderful time with her and can't wait until our next time together.